I love Fridays, something about them just makes me smile, and today is no exception.

October at CMS really is a month for birthdays; the 1st October saw Anthony celebrate his birthday, then I turned 9 years of age on Tuesday (I know, I know, I don’t look a day over 7!) and now it’s the turn of Rodelle, who turns 21 on Sunday. As some of you may know Rodelle is a keen baker and has made some fantastic treats to celebrate her birthday….just look at the yumminess!


All this celebrating has meant lots of cakes and treats and I am ashamed to admit I think I’ve put on a pound or two over the past few weeks. So as I consider reviewing my calorie intake, others see that the end of the year is in sight, and find themselves reviewing their year so far and wondering how they could make next year even better.

So I am setting you all a challenge – why not try the CMS detox? CMS can streamline your print and mailing processes, cut out unnecessary hassle, enhance customer satisfaction and take the stress out of your day.
If the thought of a streamlined, efficient and simplified communication systems inspires calm in your hectic working day, then that’s exactly why you should take up my challenge and give us a call today.
We are so confident in our ability to make a difference to your working day that we offer a FREE, no-obligation review of your current processes. After working through how things run at the moment, CMS will put together a proposal to show you how we can help things run more smoothly.

So there you have it – lots of birthdays, lots of cake; and if you take up my detox challenge, less stress in your working day.

I’m feeling all ‘Zen’ now, might go and do some Yoga!