Today really has been rather eventful, as I had to go to the vets and I left there looking like this…..don’t they know the CMS colour is Maroon, not Red!?


I’m sure you’re dying to know how it happened; I’d like to tell you it was something exciting, dangerous or dramatic, but the truth is, I tried to jump into the boot of mums car and misjudged the distance. Natasha (my vet, not our account manager!) thinks I have fractured my leg, so I have to wear this cast for a while, which is slowing me down a bit.

Even though the circumstances of my visit wasn’t great, and I have to be polite to all the cats in the waiting room, I do like going to the vets, as the staff are always really nice and friendly.

What I also like about the vets is the free magazine they give mum, which has lots of great news stories as well as some of the latest products on the market. At CMS we produce similar newsletters for NHS Foundation Trusts; which are produced throughout the year and sent to the trust members. The members have chosen to support the trust and help shape the decisions the hospital makes so it’s really important that they get to find out the latest news and how their decisions have helped make the hospitals better.

Whilst working with the membership teams at the trusts we have learnt about the elections they hold for their governors, which is a great project for CMS to be involved with because of the extensive work we handle for local council elections. It’s really exciting to be working on the AGM material now and I was even tasked with proof reading some of the winter newsletter drafts this week too.

If you work for a NHS Foundation Trust or produce similar marketing material and would like to find out more about how CMS can help reduce costs and improve effectiveness why not call Rob or Jo on 0845 873 1444.

Well that’s it for now, but I hope this blog shows my dedication to you, as I sit here and type with only three paws. I’m off now to rest and re-cooperate, and play the sympathy card for as many treats as possible!