What a week we’ve had, the papers are full of stories about the lovely weather and a Royal baby; it’s nice and all, but I don’t get the big deal, she’s only had the one baby….my friend Molly had six just last week and you don’t see her getting press attention!

One of  the big questions surrounding our new Royal arrival is whether Kate and William will hire in help; and it seems the British public have very mixed opinions on whether or not they should.

It got me thinking about the clients we work with; about six months ago we started working with a client who at the time was handling their printing and mailing in house. Most of the time this was manageable; but sometimes due to the nature of their work they could be faced with mailing numbers in the thousands. This meant staff were pulled from regular duties and sat for days folding, sealing and franking envelopes. Staff were struggling to manage the demands of their jobs and the mailing of time sensitive correspondence.

I’m pleased to say the client has now outsourced their mailings to CMS and staff are now reaping the rewards of more time to focus on their jobs and the assurance that their data and mailings are being handled efficiently. In addition we are now able to offer a variety of value added services such as data cleansing and reduced postage costs.

It’s worth investigating what ‘hiring in help’ can do for you and your business, it is so easy to assume managing work in house is best, and to not notice as the volumes increase and encroach on more of your day – so why not find out how outsourcing your printing and mailing could help your business thrive by calling Jo or Rob on 0845 873 1444