Just a quick note from me today, as I have been hard at work for the past week designing the CMS calendar for 2014. We received such great feedback this year we are under pressure to make 2014’s calendar even better! We have considered lots of different themes, and whilst my favourite theme was “A dog biscuit a day keeps the vet away” you will have to wait and see what the final theme is!

Whilst there are a host of designs to pick from, whatever you choose, a calendar is a fantastic way of communicating with customers, promoting your brand and service and giving your clients something practical, which reminds them of your company for the next twelve months. By providing our clients with a calendar we can ensure they have our details to hand at the exact moment they need our help!

It’s not too late to organize your own 2014 calendar, so for more information or to request a free copy of the CMS 2014 calendar please call the team on 0845 873 1444.