This weekend we had a visitor come to stay; my awesome niece Lottie, and I volunteered to organize dinner; and after hours spent slaving away in the kitchen I served up three portions of my favourite meal – but it turns out Mum and Lottie don’t really like dog food! I knew there was a reason mum usually does the cooking!

It got me thinking about how important it is to pay attention to other people, and how easy it is to make assumptions about other people’s likes and dislikes.

When times are good and the orders are rolling in it’s easy to get comfortable and forget that customers are vital to your success. How often do you ask them what they think of your products and services? Probably not often enough! If you don’t understand your customer’s needs, how can you possibly know if you’re offering what they want?

Keeping in touch with your customers is crucial, understanding them, what they think of you, what they like and what they’d change is vital to business success.

One way of doing this is through the use of surveys and feedback forms, but capturing the responses can be really time consuming. CMS are currently handling a project just like this – with dedicated staff capturing the information in an agreed format to ensure the information captured can be used for maximum impact – clever hey!

This information once captured will help drive their business forward, will shape customer services procedures, influence marketing material and generally help make their business more customer focused.

So if you’re thinking it’s about time you discovered if you are delivering what you’re customers want, why not ring Rob or Jo on 0845 873 1444 and they’ll be more than happy to explain how surveys and data capture can help you and your business.