haloween picI know I usually post on Fridays, but today is Halloween so I wanted to tell you a scary story about postage prices.

I often hear “I remember when a first class stamp cost 12p, now it costs 60p!” and they are not wrong. Mum told me in 1980 a first class stamp cost just 12p, but then petrol was also 28p a litre and a loaf of bread cost just 35p. Unfortunately prices have risen and the cost of our client’s postage has risen with it.

Postage costs are an issue faced by everyone and sometimes it feels like there is no escaping the horror, but fear not as CMS are here as the knight in shining armor to save the day(and the budget!) As a printing and mailing house we benefit from discounted postage prices which are not available to individual clients, and we pass 100% of the savings onto our clients each and every time.

You may have also read in the paper about the changes that are planned at Royal Mail, and whilst this can seem scary, rest assured that CMS have even more treats up our sleeve, through our long standing partnership with One Post.

One Post are an independent postal services provider and due to our expertise and relationship, CMS are one of the few providers in the country who are able to print the pre-sorting information for One Post collections, which allows us to be more responsive to our clients needs and to organize collections with less notice than other providers.

So regardless of the option you choose, CMS are constantly looking into ways to make your mailings as cost effective and efficient as possible.

So this Halloween don’t fear, CMS is here! Happy Halloween!