Being the CMS mascot, I get to listen in to a lot of conversations and if I got a treat for every time a potential client asked “how do I stand out and get noticed?” I would be a very tubby dog indeed. Clients ask our team because they know we understand that grabbing your customers’ attention is crucial to your business success.

One of the most overused phrases today is information overload, what it means is that there is too much information competing for our time and attention. Since the sheer volumes of data available to us is so huge, it’s easy to overlook that which is important, misunderstand it or just forget it in the avalanche of information that descends upon us every day. That’s why smart business owners pay special attention to the printing service they use and the quality printing that they are able to use to promote their business.

For me it’s a simple formula;

Eye catching design + relevant concise content + excellent print quality = customers interest.

If you want to ensure the quality of your marketing and communications, you will need the right help. An online search for “printers UK” will find a huge amount of results. But those in the know appreciate the print quality and standards of service they can achieve from CMS and will not think of trying any other source. If you are in the market for print and/or mailing work, give Joanne or Rob a call on 0845 873 1444 you will soon realize why we have such a great reputation.

See I’m quite clever for a dog really, although I am easily distracted…..what’s that….A SQUIRREL????? – Gotta run, be back soon!