Hi everyone,

I know it’s only been a four day week, but boy am I glad it’s Friday! It has been a really busy week here at CMS with lots of exciting new things to tell you about in blogs to come. For now though, I just wanted to share a little about what I did with my three day weekend! Mum and I thought we would make the most of the extra day and decided to go away and I got to stay in a hotel for the very first time!

I didn’t really know what to expect from a hotel, but when we arrived we were greeted by a friendly reception team, and amazingly some of the staff at the hotel had seen my blog, so I felt like a bit of a celebrity when we got upgraded to a VIP suite complete with doggy dine in service, where the staff bought us whatever food and drink we wanted.

Whilst exploring the hotel, I got talking to the staff and noticed how much printed material they use – key cards, menus, information guides, feedback forms and brochures and also how many branded products they had – loyalty cards, mugs, pens and even my doggie bowl was branded! As you all know I am very proud of CMS and the work we do, so I decided to ask the team which supplier they used, and they then told me that they had to use around 5 or 6 different companies; so when I told them CMS could organize all of these products for them, they were really shocked!

“But don’t you just handle print and mail?” said the receptionist? It’s something I hear a lot and most of our clients are initially surprised at the types of work we handle and what tasks we can take off their to-do lists for them. Just this week we have organized branded canvas bags, leather directors pads, pens and some loyalty cards for a well-known European hotel chain.

So if like the hotel you use lots of different suppliers for your promotional material, why not give CMS a call on 0845 873 1444 and see how we can help deliver all the items you might need for an event, promotion or every day use!