clip_image001Hi, my name is Emma and I am really excited that Maggie has handed over her paw pen to me this week. As she explained, I have recently joined CMS after finishing Sixth Form. I completed A-Levels in ICT, Product Design and Travel and Tourism. I’m getting a bit nervous now as I get my exam results next week!

I was really keen to join the world of work so I jumped at the chance to apply for CMS’ I.T apprentice position as they are a steadily growing business which I think makes it a great career opportunity. I have learnt so much at CMS already, such as how to work all the different machines used for mailing and how to manipulate data to what it needs to be before sending it out.

One of my favourite tasks so far has definitely been learning to sort the data, oh and of course meeting Maggie!

I am really excited about my future with CMS, progressing in the company and learning as much as I possibly can.

Maggie text earlier to say the bone excavation is going well so she will be back next week to tell you all about it, and I’m off to sort out some badly behaved data!