It’s been a time for celebrations at CMS this month as my colleague, Emma Malin, won the IT Apprentice of the Year – awarded for Outstanding Achievement by an NVQ  Apprentice undertaking an IT Diploma Apprenticeship. Emma is now well on her way to achieving her NVQ Level 3 in I.T and in the words of the apprenticeship training company, ITEC, “Emma always goes above and beyond”.

Here at CMS we are always looking for young talent to join the team and Emma stood out from the crowd from the beginning. Call it a dog’s sixth sense but I knew she had potential from our first training session. When the new people start I train each and every one of them to give me biscuits when they get ready to leave of an evening and Emma caught on straight away. At the same time every day, just before she leaves, she knows she has to give me a biscuit. Sally and Ian must have been quite impressed with her too – although I think they’re more partial to a cup of tea than a biscuit.

Having joined in July of last year, Emma’s responsibilities now cover nearly every aspect of CMS’s capabilities and she is always hungry for more. From using the new Citipost machine, which ensures clean data is always available for our clients, to proofing confidential documents and organising fulfillment runs, Emma does it all.

That is the essence of CMS – to always go the extra mile and surpass the client’s expectations. Emma achieved that on her trial day here in the CMS office and she continues to exceed our expectations in every aspect of her work.

If you would like to find out how Emma and the CMS team may be able to help your business succeed contact one of my human colleagues on 0845 873 1444.

ITEC Award

Emma Malin ITEC Award