Hi Everyone,

So what do you think to Emma?

I hope you all feel like you know her a little better and I’m pleased to report that Emma got her exam results yesterday and as we suspected her hard work has paid off – Congratulations Emma!

So what did I do with my week off I hear you ask?

Well I spent most of the week in the garden working on an excavation project;  at one point I was convinced I’d found a T-Rex skeleton, and whilst it was actually something a little smaller I was still pleased that I managed to dig up most of Mum’s garden in the process!

But all that hard work got me thinking about what treasures you might have buried in old databases and spreadsheets, and how many potential clients may be lurking there waiting to be re-discovered. Keeping in contact with all your clients can be tough during a busy working week, so why not let CMS help?

CMS offer a free data cleansing service which allows clients to make sure all those old spreadsheets don’t go to waste – we can remove duplicates, check which businesses are still trading and even check if they have moved locations. Once the data is cleansed the team have lots of different ideas for ways you can get back in touch with those lapsed contacts.

So take my advice and go digging through that old data and you never know what you may find!