As you probably know, I love social media as I love getting to know new people! Some of you may follow my twitter account (Maggie_CMS) or the sales team on LinkedIn.

Social media has yet again hit the headlines with an announcement that more than 2 million accounts have been compromised from popular sites such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn after malware captured login details from users worldwide, according to a new report.

According to web security firm Trustwave, hackers have stolen login usernames and passwords across various sites in the past month with the help of Pony malware, a bit different than a typical breach.
It gets me thinking about data security and how important it is that data stays safe, especially when that data is confidential and/or related to financial information.

Here at CMS, data security is paramount and our clients rely on us having the most up to date software and practices. We are proud to announce we were recently recognized and awarded ISO 27001 which essentially means we operate best practices in information security management. Following a lengthy inspection we received the good news on Christmas Eve! What a fantastic early Christmas present!

Nobody wants to think about what might happen if their confidential information was hacked or lost; I know from personal experience what it’s like to lose something precious every time Ian’s dog Lady steals my toys. If you want to avoid that same sinking feeling, contact us now on 0845 873 1444.

ISO Cert