Today from the comfort of the lounge window I watched mum scrape ice off the windscreen for the first time this winter. Whilst temperatures are dropping throughout the UK as a rule we often see the opposite with all our own bills rapidly increasing. Price hikes across the utility companies have been well publicised in the news lately with time running out for consumers to act and lock in a fixed price for the winter.

At CMS we understand that fluctuating and variable prices can wreak havoc on a budget whether that is in business or in relation to personal expenditure. CMS are always looking for ways to make our client’s job easier, and one of the ways we do this is by helping them to plan their activity for the next quarter or year. In order to do this effectively clients need to know what they can expect to pay; which is why CMS are proud to announce that they will be FREEZING the cost of non-consumables for the next 18 months for all mailings over 5,000 packs. This freeze means you can rest assured that the price you pay now will be the same until May 2015!

Freezing costs is just one of the many ways CMS strives to be different to others in our industry, but to learn more or to suggest ways we could help you further please contact our team on 0845 873 1444.