Hi everyone and welcome to my blog

So if you’ve dropped by to say Hello, then I suppose I had better introduce myself. My name is Maggie and I am an eight year old, brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I’ve lived with my mum Sally since I was four and I work full time at CMS.

My job roles include;

  • Chief Morale Booster
  • Hoover
  • Chief taster – I am very dedicated to this and will offer to test anyone’s lunch or biscuits, I am selfless like that
  • Recycling ambassador – this involves sniffing through the bins to check if anything can be eaten.
  • Head of break enforcement, if I think you’ve worked too long without a break I will encourage you to take some down time by playing pull-tug with me and if you still don’t take a break I will be forced to lean against your computers power tower and turn it off!

So mum thinks I need to take my career more seriously and that I sleep too much so she suggested I work with the guys at CMS and write a little blog for you all with what I’ve been up to and helpful tips. Check back soon for more!