From ballot paper production to scrutineering CMS are proud to have more than 22 years’ experience in the specialist area of election administration services. We have become a trusted supplier of survey and voting services for a host of prestigious names in the financial and public sector industries.

As with all projects run by CMS one of the main benefits we offer our customers is a purely tailored service that is designed around specific requirements. Never do we use off-shelf solutions; everything we do is bespoke to you.

CMS is dedicated to designing election materials that work with a particular audience or industry sector. Naturally all material produced complies with strict legal and data protection guidelines, an area in which we are highly experienced.

Security is persistently at the top of the agenda in everything we do quite simply because our reputation depends on it. Our meticulous systems, highly trained and vetted personnel and vast experience means that when we handle your sensitive data and prepare your mailings you can rest assured there is not even the slightest chance of security becoming an issue.

Vote Counting and Response Handling

Our long term experience in the elections handling arena and dealing with literally hundreds of thousands of ballot papers every year means we have been able to set down proven systems that ensure all ballot responses are handled quickly, efficiently and with the utmost accuracy, through our double checking system. After all, these are the key elements of any election process, and the reason our trusted reputation continues to grow.

We understand how important it is to be able to prove your election has been conducted fairly and impartially. If your voters are very analytical and you need to show proof that your election was conducted scrupulously from start to finish, then this service from CMS is the answer.

We can provide an independent Returning Officer to observe the voting or the counting of the ballot papers. They will supervise the conduct of the election and examine the processes in use.
When the votes have been counted and verified, certified reports are provided and as with every aspect of our service, these can be tailored to suit the specific demands of your critics.

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