We are very proud to have been trading for over fifteen years, and we have grown consistently and carefully throughout that time, a recent article interviewed some of the longest running UK businesses and I for one wanted to know what their secret was!

RJ Balson & Son, are a butchers established in 1515, and put their success down to “offering personal and attentive customer service which has kept shoppers coming back over the centuries.”

R Durtnell & Sons (est 1591) were the first construction company to bring multiple trades under one roof. The owners believe, “spotting new ways of working has helped the company thrive.”

Interestingly enough a third company, C Hoare & Co, a bank established in 1672 shares a key value with us! They believe their value and success is down to “treating others as we would wish to be treated”.

Some of you may already know that CMS have three core values on which the company has been founded, but for those of you who don’t they are;

1. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
2. We don’t do politics, gossip or titles.
3. We don’t lie nor expect to be lied too either, life’s too short and you’ll always get found out in the end.

I am perhaps a little biased, but I think CMS is pretty special, but I am even more convinced now I have seen how many of our core values are allied with those of the longest running businesses in the UK.

Just think if CMS run for as long as the businesses above we’d still be trading in 2488, by which point I hope they have come up with calorie free dog biscuits, squirrels who can’t climb trees and that people travel everywhere on hover boards!

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