This week I was lucky enough to meet some of our regular clients for the first time and I even set them a challenge! As you know I am learning more about the business and recently learnt about litho and digital printing but I can’t tell the difference so wanted to see if our clients could.

Several of our clients use litho printing regularly so we printed some of their recent projects using both the litho method and our jazzy new digital printers and challenged them to see if they could tell which was which.

I am pleased to report it’s not just me that can’t spot the difference; most people either chose incorrectly or couldn’t decide which was which! What’s more one of our clients has now decided to run their next project digitally.  

Digital printing is a great alternative production method for CMS customers as it is perfect for smaller runs, offers lots of finishing processes, dries almost instantly and most importantly offers our clients the ability to avoid ‘pre-printing’ which means that letterhead, personalisation and letter text can all be printed in one pass which significantly reduces production time and costs.

In the end the method(s) used for printing depend on what is fit for purpose for your particular project, but why not find out if some of your litho projects could be run digitally by calling Jo or Rob on 0845 873 1444.

Next week………..

My personal challenge for next week is excavating a bone buried deep in the garden so I’m handing my paw pen over to Emma our new apprentice.

Look out for Emma’s blog on her first month at CMS.