From ballot paper production to scrutineering, CMS have extensive experience in voting, survey and election administration services, both online and by post. ​

Working with large and small financial services institutions and public sector organisations, we have become a trusted supplier for a host of prestigious names across the UK.​

Select from one of our voting services below to find out more or click on one of the logos to learn more on how we manage responses and our security.​

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Postal Voting

From ballot paper production to scrutineering, CMS have extensive experience in voting and election administration services. Working with a range of financial services firms and public sector organisations, we have become a trusted supplier for a host of prestigious names across the UK.

Our voting services are completely tailored to your requirements and our highly trained and experienced staff provide support throughout the entire process.

Data is captured by our in-house operators leading to 100% accuracy, and over the past 20 years,  have captured over 12 million votes.

Online Voting and Castavote

Castavote makes voting securely online quicker and easier than by post, increase the number of responses, shorten overall response time and save postage costs.

Originally built over 20 years ago, Castavote has been developed continuously to meet client needs and to ensure responses are captured quickly, accurately and securely.

Using a unique link and login details, Castavote can be used on a number of devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets. Responses are stored and interrogated to check for incorrect or multiple data entries, and with unique login details, prevents multiple votes from any one person.​

Your users are then able to access Castavote and answer the questions and vote within a set period of time. All answers are recorded in real time on the back end of the platform which is only accessible by our IT team. Results will be downloaded and provided to you once the vote or survey has completed.

Incorporate your vote with a survey for client feedback or combine with postal voting or Castavote Live for a higher response rate.

Castavote Live

Castavote Live was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to hold AGM and EGMs and meet social distancing guidelines.​

Custom-built, Castavote Live can be branded with your organisations logos, is fully interactive and provides secure data capture and reporting. What’s more, it can be accessed anywhere in the world and provides two stage authentication providing your organisation and attendees a secure platform to interact and vote. ​

Castavote Live can be used alongside postal voting or Castavote for proxy voting to maximise your number of responses.​

Find out more about Castavote Live and how it can help your organisation.

Response Handling

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Throughout the response management process, we record all activity as part of an audit trail to show that the entire voting process was managed appropriately from start to finish and in line with GDPR and any data and legal regulations. ​​

We can also provide an Independent Returning Officer on request to observe the voting process or the counting and response handling. Returning Officers will be able to supervise how the entire election process is conducted and examine any and all processes in use at CMS. Once the votes have been counted and verified, certified reports will be provided. ​​


Online security is a top priority at CMS.

To make sure your information stays safe and secure all data and information is run on our own servers and is protected by a firewall protected SQL database. All data and response information is strictly managed under GDPR and all legal and regulatory requirements. Go to our Data page to find out how we manage and store data.

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If you have any questions on any of our voting services, Contact us directly. ​