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Hybrid Mail ​

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Our secure hybrid mailing platform gives you the ability to print and send up to 1,000 letters all in a few clicks. Easy to use, this platform can help you communicate with your customers quickly and efficiently with a complete solution including postage, for the price of a 2nd class stamp. Find out how CMS Hybrid Mail can assist you with your mailing.

Inbound Mail

Focus on what matters most and let us securely manage your post with CMS Inbound Mail. We sort, scan and store your letters on our own in-house, purpose built mailing platform ready for you to access at a click of a button.  Find out how our Inbound Mailing service can help you.

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Transactional & Direct Mail ​

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We have provided transactional mail services for boutique and large financial institutions as well as public service organisations for over 20 years. These types of mailings include statements, invoices, corporate actions and ballot papers to name but a few.​

Direct Mail ​

Direct mail is a powerful tool that can help your business attract new customers, associates or members, increase return custom and remain competitive.​

Whether it’s a flyer, letter, booklet or a mix of all three, we can provide high quality direct mailings locally and internationally.

Fulfilment ​

CMS offers an efficient and cost-effective response handling and pick-and-pack service alongside the traditional mail marketing campaigns and transactional mailings. By managing this in our secure warehouse you can free up space in your own office and concentrate on building and maintaining your own business.​

Response Handling

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CMS manage fund and shareholder voting as well as local elections including the print, mailing and response management on site at our secure warehouse. More details on how we manage responses can be found on our Voting page.